Hey! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stacie. By day, I am a devoted wife, a busy mother of four, a pretend author, and a lover of music, pets, stormy weather, and caffeine. I am also a Tarot enthusiast. (I guess I’m maybe all of these things by night, too.)

Tarot couldn’t have come into my life at a more opportune time than when it did. I had been eye-balling a deck of my own for quite some time but could never work up enough nerve to get one. If only I would have made the decision sooner, blah blah blah.

The truth is, I was too nervous to delve into the occult. I was raised in a Christian home with very religious family members, and even though my mom was kind of hippy-dippy, Tarot was just never something we had any sort of discussion about.

Funny enough, I first learned about it through a science project my older sister had done for school. She was testing out people’s natural ability for ESP by using a deck of cards with symbols painted on them. She would hold the cards up (which were painted silver so you couldn’t see through) and would ask people to predict the next card in the stack.

While in retrospect, I can only guess that my ability to score high was purely from dumb luck, but back then, I believed it to be my own natural ability. Since then, my interest in psychics, divination and the occult has only grown.

Cut to modern day, I was nervous about how my husband and kids, my mother and siblings, and anyone else in my circle would feel about me using the cards. Because there is so much more context behind the cards, I was scared that in my using them, I would be asked to explain my specific beliefs, regardless of whether or not I was comfortable doing it.

Ultimately, I was scared that my choices would be explained away, belittled, or not taken seriously – or that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. This kept me from doing something that was now a part of me for fear of humiliation and rejection. (I don’t do too well with confrontation, anyways!)

But, something in me didn’t care enough about any of that and I decided to get them. It was literally like butterflies trying to climb out of my mouth until I finally held them in my hands. Maybe the need for Tarot was just too strong for any of that to matter. (I like to think the cards were calling to me… pulling me towards them!)

Leading up to and around that time, many life changing events were in the works. I was losing a loved one to cancer, I was approaching a move across country, I was dealing with drama on multiple fronts and losing sight of myself even more so than I ever had. I needed to get a grip of my emotions and decisions.

I took advantage of my husband being away on a business trip (where he couldn’t talk me out of my purchase) and bought my cards and a book of definitions and had them shipped and delivered the same day – thanks Amazon Prime! I started to learn them, card by card, and practiced asserting them into my daily routine.

It wasn’t always easy. I didn’t have a great start with the cards (a story for another time), but eventually, I got the hang of it and Tarot really helped me move through that difficult time in my life. Now, it is a staple in my daily routine. I’ve even taught my kids (when they’ve given me enough attention) and have sneaked in a few readings for my husband. Now, if that isn’t progress…

So, my hope for the blog is this – I want to provide a space where 1) I can share with you my Tarot tidbits so that you have an easier time learning it all than I did, 2) provide you with real-life examples of how Tarot can fit into your life. I am a firm believer of all the good it can do for you. And, 3) I want to have yet another place for Tarot-minded individuals can come together to discuss Tarot or anything relatable!

I’m just your average, modern-day mom dealing with real-world issues in my life just like you. The difference is that I have taken solace in my Tarot deck, which pulls me out of my self-imposed victim-hood and reminds me to breathe. And, I just want the same for everyone else.

Thanks for stopping by! Reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns or just need a new Tarot friend!


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