Weekly Forecast for August 26 – September 1, 2018

Did y’all catch the full moon? This one’s a watery Pisces moon, which is really good for looking inward, developing and trusting your intuition, and doing a bit of soul searching. I’m feeling particularly pulled toward this one – maybe because my birthday is next month or maybe because I was born under an equally watery Scorpio moon, making me a little more sensitive to all the feels…

This Full Moon isn’t like any other, though. This full moon is called the Sturgeon Moon by Native American fishing tribes because this is when they would find the most sturgeons when fishing. Pair that with the full moon rising in Pisces, a fish sign, you’re going to get all kinds of watery emotions this month! Especially if you’re a water sign, too!

This week has the potential to be pretty significant in our lives. Seeing as we are starting with a Full Moon and all the energy that comes with it, we are also wrapping up the tail end of August. There is likely to be a conflict of energy, as in deciding where all we are going to allocate it, so be on the lookout and prepare accordingly as you move forward.

*A good way to do this is to take note of where you are currently, where you need to be, and how you plan on getting there. Do a spread seeking that particular information, and ask for advice on how to get there and maintain sanity in the process!

As for this week, we have a lot to consider. We are wrapping up the month and also reaching a culmination of events in our personal lives. I really feel this full moon has a lot to do with this week’s forecast. See for yourself as we take a look at Justice, King of Pentacles reversed, and the 9 of Pentacles.

end of aug forecast

Initially I felt a ‘wrapping up’ feeling- like a closure of some kind (end of week, end of month, end of kid’s summer vacation) – off this spread and it’s where I went before even interpreting the cards. Seeing as the outcome is one of culmination, I’m confident that by the end of the week/month, we will have something to show for all of our efforts.

Starting off, we have the Justice card. It’s a Major Arcana, so it’s likely to be felt more prominently than the others. It will more than likely be what sets the tone for the reading. And, since the other cards are both pentacles, we are feeling this more strongly in the area of desire and material or earthly possessions.

The Justice card is all about truth. How we discover the truth is up to us. With the full moon drawing us into our intuition and dreams, this might be where we discover it. Make sure you are journaling throughout the week to try and uncover areas you might have normally overlooked, but what could bring you the answers you’re in need of.

Justice is also about decision-making. We’ve had this theme throughout the month, so it’s only right that it is the you in the forecast. You’ve been busy making decisions, trying to find your truth. Trying to find what makes sense and feels right to you.

The truth could be something you’ve just found you’re in need of or something that has been long awaited, deep rooted in your past. Either way, going inward may be the missing piece you have yet to consider. So often we look for external causes to our problems – pushing the blame onto other people or events. We may consider our part in the problem, but we don’t spend enough time with that notion to get a clear sense of why. So, do that! Now is the perfect time!

Alternatively, it can also mean matters of business or the law. Think contracts, licenses, divorces, litigation, etc. So, if you’re looking for specific answers in those areas, you might be digging into all that this week.

With the search for answers, you’re likely to face frustration and aggravation. It’s not easy deciphering between what you can count on and what you can’t. Looks can be deceiving, and sometimes you’ll lose your motivation, you’ll get lazy, or you’ll have been burnt so many times you won’t feel like going through all of that again!

With the King of Pentacles reversed as our challenge, we’re likely to face situations that are beyond our control, only adding to the frustration. Money may be significant here, status, greed, material possessions and obsession are other areas affected by this card. Maybe we’re feeling judged by our quest for answers or are judgemental about the answers we find.

Sometimes the court cards can mean more intensity of the type of element or energy in the card. More times than not, though, they can resemble actual people in our lives. So, if this is the case for you, you’re likely to face someone – maybe an older man – that is standing in the way of your truth. He may even turn out to be a big part of your truth and you don’t want him to be.

There is a lack of control, either by you or another person and it’s affecting you. This energy lacks stability and therefore dependability. But, what’s worse is that while you are somehow drawn in and affixed to it, it could care less about you. So, trust your gut on it. If something feels off, you already know what you need to do.

In the quest for the truth and the challenge of deciding what to believe in, we reach our outcome card, what we can expect at the climax of the week and or the advice we need to move forward. Here is where we have our 9 of Pentacles, the culmination of not only the week, but the month, and the energy being emitted by our full moon in Pisces.

The 9 of Pentacles shows that your search for answers will shed a little light on the parts of you that really need it. While we may not find the answers we were looking for by the end of the week, we will at least feel closer to them and, if not anything else, we’ll find a pride and sense of accomplishment in ourselves as a result of all our efforts – the work is paying off.

This card is about material comfort. Whatever you have done, it is paying off. Whether you’ve been trying to save money, trying to lose weight, trying to adopt a new routine at home or at work, or trying to break free from the drama, you’re going to start seeing some progress by the end of the week.

So, use the emotional energy from the full moon to get started on your quest for your truth or whatever answers you need. Look deep inside – meditate, journal, do your Tarot spreads, pray. Do everything you can to let your intuition guide you this week. Be prepared to be challenged by the lack of control in some way. Try not to worry so much about being judged or judging others. We’re all on our own paths! If it all works out nicely, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week as you wrap up the month and begin the next!

Let me know how it goes! 🙂



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