August 12 – 18 Reflections

Last week we struggled a bit with coming to terms with the consequences of our choices. Whether in the first week we actually made the choice or were teetering on the possibility, last week should have committed to one thing or another. Our challenge was indecision or resistance to the actual choice and the change brought about by it, but our advice was to stay optimistic and to look for the light of change even in the darkest moments, which was nice after the first week pretty much predicting we’d have a hard time with it all.

So, did you notice any of that in your week? Of course I did.

As I discussed last week, I did in fact close down my other website. This left me feeling kind of pitiful for a few days. I put so much effort into it, but wasn’t done and I was getting overwhelmed by it all, so it’s down and waiting for me to get a second wind to pick it all back up. Enough of that.

All of this is to say that I was sitting here craving another project. I have this blog, which is all kinds of wonderful, but I needed something that might actually stand to help me financially. So, I branched out and found a direct sales opportunity and am still in the process of getting all that set up and finding my groove with it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Stacie – you’re too much an introvert to do sales. Exactly what I thought until I saw an option to keep my sales strictly online if I wanted to. So, I’m giving it a try. I’m branching out, testing my actual limits, and with fingers crossed, I’m hoping for the best. (So, if you’re interested in some makeup, let me know! LOL!!)

To me, this plays out nicely with last week’s forecast. I struggled with the consequences of leaving my website behind. I felt restricted by my lack of options. I needed something else to fill the void, so I turned to direct sales with much hesitation – like actually trying to talk myself out of it. But, I looked for that glimmer of hope – that new perspective – and found it in the ability to be my introverted self and still have a chance at making some money.

I probably had this same forecast play out in other areas, but this particular one was fresh on my mind. Did you happen to see it play out in your week in some way?

Interested in the forecast for the week ahead? Find it here!

Have a great week!



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