Aug 5 – 11 Reflections

When we’re planning for the week ahead, it’s definitely not unheard of to go in search of a detailed and trusted forecast to help you prepare. As you move through the week, you think back at your forecast and look ahead for ways the details might enter your life. However, I have yet to see a community outlet that allows you to reflect on your experiences and check around to see if anyone else experienced them, too.

With a weather forecast, there is plenty of evidence to suggest whether or not it was sunny or raining, warm or cold, dangerous or calm. This is because the events of that type of forecast are less personal and instead apply to large groups of people due to their clearly more evident nature. However, Tarot applies to subtle areas of a person’s life and unless that person decides to share, we may never know how or if the person was even affected.

So, I decided to create a Weekly Reflections section of the blog to allow anyone interested a chance to reflect on their last week’s forecast and discuss and compare how the cards affected them. We do this alone in our journals, which is intimate and sometimes enough for us to see the benefits of the cards in action. But others of us are curious and excited to learn how the cards played out in others’ lives and may choose to come together to discuss, as a result.

If you are interested in sharing, please do so in the comments below! I’d love to know your experiences, or even thoughts and opinions – even if you resonated better with someone else’s readings! I’m all ears! (or eyes?)

Last week’s reading was all about important decision-making. It warned us of the choices we were in line to face, the need for choosing one out of the bunch (and making it count), and then moving on from the situation in a healthy way. Did you notice this particular scenario in your lives last week? I definitely did.

For the past two months, I have been juggling my time between my website, my blog, my family, my responsibilities around the house and elsewhere, and it was beginning to get a bit overwhelming for me. It wasn’t that the tasks themselves were too difficult, but instead were too time consuming.

Just yesterday, I made the ultimate decision to take down my website and focus primarily on this blog. There are pros and cons to doing this and I had to think really hard about it all week long. It was not easy.

I can’t help but feel like the two months were a waste of my time and effort, as well as a waste of my money. I see the potential with this blog and that excites me, and right now it’s free so that’s a huge plus. However, I was just as excited for the last site and was ultimately let down. Here comes the funk.

I actually have some exciting things in mind moving forward. This decision frees up my budget to actually take this blog to the next level. It also frees up my time to provide more brain power here, as well as to other areas in my life. And, it has inspired me to do other things outside of this blog. These are the things I have to keep in mind so that I’m not falling into “what if” slump.

So, I for sure had options in front of me, choosing one definitely came with consequences, and moving forward is still somewhat of a hurdle for me, although I am better this morning than I was yesterday.

Tell me about your week! And, make sure you check out this week’s reading here!


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