My Anti-Stress Spread

Days like today, I am left feeling just a wee bit frazzled. I have been busy getting the kids all squared away before school starts back up, so my morning has consisted of two new patient wellness checks and a new patient eye exam – all back to back – with a shopping trip to follow. Just try and imagine all the paperwork and questions and interviewing… I know.

While they were better behaved today than they normally are when we go out as a team, my nerves were still shot from just the sheer amount of attention to detail I had to exhibit. As an introvert, even sitting in the waiting room exhausts me. As someone with anxiety, … yeah, it was a lot.

Needless to say, when we got home, my first instinct – besides getting out of my jeans and back into my comfies – was to hide away from everyone. Away from any type of noise, from anyone needing ANYTHING from me, away from eyeballs and conversations and laughter and needs. (Hard to do with four kids, and in the summer.)

What I’ve come to realize about myself, which probably is true for a lot of other people, too, is that when I’m feeling uncomfortable doing something – doesn’t matter what it is – I tense up. And the longer I am uncomfortable, the longer I’m tensed. Even if I’ve been sitting in the car or waiting room, the relief doesn’t come until I can sit down in MY chair, in MY home, in MY pajamas.

And sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly pitiful, I forget to breathe. I sit there and I think about everything that just happened and I wince at the thought of having to do it all again next week. But, my body knows what I need and it forces me to inhale deeply. And once I do, I’m a little better (once I get past the soreness in my chest from unknowingly holding my breath throughout the day).

So, with all this on my plate, you know I had to create a spread that would help me in times like these. I have my go-to anxiety spread, but today was a bit more than that. It was just overall emotional exhaustion. I needed something to address all of it.

If you’re interested in the anti-anxiety spread, check it out here.

Here is what I came up with:

Remember to first lay it all out there for your cards. I like to talk to them as I shuffle. It helps me to feel a little more clearly about my actual intention for the spread and also clears up a bit of energy so that I’m able to better interpret and understand the cards in front of me. When you’re nice and calm (or as close to it as you can be) go ahead and lay down the cards.

Also, this spread is more for stresses you already know you have. I’m thinking about creating one for unknown stresses – maybe like when you’re feeling particularly grump and don’t know why. But not this one. This one is meant to help highlight your situation and show you how to overcome it.

Okay, here we go.

anti-stress spread

Anti-Stress Spread

Card 1 – What’s going on behind the scenes?

Card 2 – Why is it so amplified today?

Card 3 – How you can better use your energy – what else you should focus on instead?

Card 4 – Energy to embrace – qualities in yourself, situation, or surrounding.

Card 5 – Energy to release – issues with self, situation, or surrounding.

Card 6 – Advice for next time.

Make sure when you’re evaluating your cards to look for any connection between them. Obviously cards 1 and 2 are very connected – almost feeding off of each other. But also look at cards 3 and 5, as well as 4 and 6.

Are you easily stressed? Why don’t you try this out! If you do, please let me know! I’d love to hear whether or not it was helpful to you! What are your anti-stress rituals? Let me know!




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